OMG , after you have LV120 , NineHearts will detect that some dark aura activities are held around ossayris Area
this quest is highly epic ! or epic fail to u ? ==
Here the guide from southperry and edited by me : 🙂
1.Talk to nineheart in erev. He will ask you to find Jade in El Nath.

2.After talking to her, hunt a Black Scale from either Coolie Zombie / Minor Zombie. Drop rate’s a little low though,its depends on luck. Some people get it instantly. Heres the prove . Or just dig your purse to buy one . ==

Originally Posted by cykick View Post
go elnath talk to jane npc, then i will tell u something about zombies. go hunt some zombies till you get an etc item call black scale. (i hunt from the zombie which drop gold tooth) It takes a while.


btw, use forum search for divine bird for more detailed information.

10q~ i ady get black scale in 1 min~lucky~
ty ya~

3.After getting the black scale, A lightbulb will appear and it’ll tell you that you have to find Spiruna.

4.Go talk to Spiruna at Cloud Park 3/4 and she’ll tell you to go look for Chief Tatamo at Leafre.

5.After finding Chief Tatamo, he’ll ask you to find Nix, which is located at the map between Griffey Forest and Manon Forest.

Nix will then give you a task to kill 1 Manon and 1 Griffey as worthy to continue for save Erev.
(Wah ,every people in leafre so hate both of them ? 4th job Advancement also wan kill , KoC also need kill) (Dont kill loh ! extinct liao la !)

6.After defeating it, he’ll ask you to go to the Black Witch’s cave. The cave is located at Nest Of a Dead Dragon, somewhere at the bottom right.

You’ll see a black crystal ball alike thing in the cave. Click on it and it’ll ask you to go back and talk to Nineheart.

7.After you talked to Nineheart, he will ask you go back to the cave and see if anything have been missed out from the previous time you went there.

8.Go back to the witch cave again and you’ll see a man being tied up. Click the man and you’ll be in the map to defeat the black witch.The Map is the Epicly Illusive Trap made by black witch or black witch really warp u to empress there and turn them to statue while divine bird still struggling in its death .
You are the only hope for them (hehe stressed u ==)
This is the info by the Original Guide Writer :
I’m using a Night Walker, contact damage is about 3.4k to me and one of her magic attacks does the same damage to me.

She has Zombify, Darkness and Damage Reflect, since these were the ones that I’ve received. Time limit is 30 minutes. It took me about 15minutes to kill with average equip, so I think it wouldn’t be that hard. The black witch has 9.3m HP.

How to fight the Black Witch at lvl 120
Tips and Cautions by Celesti


Originally Posted by Celesti View Post
Tips for fighting Black Witch as a Flame Wizard:
Pots before battle: 300 Ginger Ales, 300 Ginseng Roots, 300 Ramens
Pots after 2 battle attempts and 1 victory: 270 Ginger Ales, 280 Ginseng Roots, 280 Ramens.


This indicates her attack move, always teleport to avoid super knockback damage and use your Fire Strike at the same time.

These two are her buff up and status effects, none of these will affect Flame Wizard as she doesn’t Seal (Only Darkness, Zombify) and you teleport to avoid damage. You can safely spam your attack on her when she’s doing her buffs (Not after 50%).

2nd picture usually casts Darkness, Zombify and Reflect (Read below) on me, so I’m not sure what the 1st picture does.

She casts “Reflect” when her HP is below 50%, this is where you stop spamming your single target spell and always stop to see if her buff is reflect or not. The only time you can attack is when she’s trying to attack and moving (Slow spell works on her), never attack when she’s buffing and never summon Ifrit or you might end up being reflected and die (sometimes her reflect doesn’t appear immediately if you’re experiencing slight lag)

With average equips, I’m able to take her down with 5+ minutes left to spare. Her first 50% can be done easily since you don’t have to face the horror of being reflected. The next 50% is the part where it takes up most of your time due to precautious timing.

You will receive your final Captain Knight Medal (+2 all +200 Hp/Mp), 5 APs, Echo (Tested 2% effect, 4% is typo error), Divine Bird (If you can fork out 50m), and surprisingly a 4th job skill tab with no skills on it.

And A Cheating Method But Slow Method is like this….. Firstly , Once You Went in , Summon her and spam Fire Strike And Summon Ifrit , Then Lure Her To the Stage of the Cygnus Commander Statue Stage There and Spam your fire Striker and seal Constantly , When She has 50% HP Left  Try To Avoid or just wait or just try to cancel yr Ifrit when u see The Damage Reflector Icon is showned to prevent instant death and Fast Teleport up to the stairs and spam fire pillar and summon Fire instead of ifrit .
This is an 100% Safe Method  but its slow .

Boss Info

  • Black WitchBoss


    • Level: 140
    • HP: 9,300,000
    • MP: 3,000
    • Avoid: 49
    • Knockback: 15,000
    • EXP: 3
    Her name suggests a relationship to the legendary Black Magician. This evil sorceress has turned all the Cygnus Leaders to STONE! Now it’s up to you, the lone Cygus Knight to take her down! The experience she gives from being defeated is quite paltry, which only leads to more questions. If you should run into her, beware of Seduce, Zombify, and Darkness.


  • She is the head of Black Wings !

9.After defeating the black witch, exit at the left portal of the map and you’ll be brought to Erev, so you might want to get a few seeds before fighting the black witch.

10.After completing the quest for defeating the black witch, the quest for the Divine Bird mount will be unlocked.

11. Empress will thanked you and give you a medal called Captain Knight Medal and divine bird will advance your job for u
it doesnt have any effect except 5 A.Ps
Conserver well suspect that cygnus knight will have further expanding.
(well the chance is as small as A Meteor is able to be Sticked by Earth ‘s Gravitational Force and float around the earth)

Hope this helps.
Credits to
Edited by VvCamrovV
Anything please refer to my black witch fighting guides


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